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La Femme Cactus as Tour Guide

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Mom and Me in Firenze at Ponte Vecchio

With only two weeks left in my European Summer Adventure, I headed to Italy to meet up with my parents for a Mediterranean Cruise.  We meet a couple of days before the cruise set sail to do a little sightseeing in Rome and Florence.  Neither of my parents had been to Europe before, so I ended up serving as a tour guide for them.

Mom and Dad at the Vatican

First stop, Rome

I took my folks to Vatican City to see Saint Peter’s Cathedral and the Sistine Chapel.


Way cool sculpture

On the way though the Vatican Museum

Good Luck Getting Up That Hill Little Man

After the several hour long trek through the Basilica and museum, we headed into the central Rome for a nice dinner.  My parents were in awe of the ancient ruins mixed in among more modern architecture.

Next up, Florence

No trip to Florence would be complete with a visit to David

The first thing we did was head to the Galleria dell’Accademia to see Michelangelo’s David.  He is magnificent, crafted entirely from one huge block of marble. After the Accademia, we walked through town to see more great art and architecture.

L'ospedale degli Innocenti

My Dad loved the live music at the market

The Duomo

Darth was here

Big Dad, Tiny Car

Our two-day Italy excursion was a blast.  My parents got to see lots of new things and I got a chance to visit two cities I haven’t seen in a few years.  I had a wonderful time speaking Italian and showing off some great sights.

See more photos here.


Cyprus- my home away from everything

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Way back when, I had a great roommate named Stephania.  We lived together through a couple of apartments in Pittsburgh as we each were completing our studies and starting our careers.    When she moved back to her home country of Cyprus, I vowed to visit her there as soon as possible.

The Mediterranean Sea at Protaras

I fell in love with the crystal blue seas, the relaxed environment and the great food.  I renewed my vow to visit soon and visit often.  Since then, I have been back almost every year for a grand total of 7 visits!  Many changes have happened as the UN buffer zone between the Republic of Cyprus and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus relaxed.  The Republic of Cyprus has since joined the EU and adopted the Euro.  I have visited the North and gone all over the South chasing great sunsets and good conversation.

Christos, me, Stephania and Panikos in Protaras

When I first visited Cyprus, I knew only Stephania and another co-student Ellada, but over the years I have meet many more great people and enjoy seeing the changes in their lives over the years.

Stephania, Me, Layla and Panikos

My most recent visit, as part of my European Summer Adventure, I stayed in Larnaca with Stephania and her fiance, Panikos and their adorable dog, Layla.  We went to the beach and did some shopping in town, but for the real meat of the vacation, we spent a few days in beautiful Protaras.

Panikos and I getting ready to fly high!


A prayer tree in nearby Agia Napa

Don't worry, I didn't actually drive this bike myself, but I did enjoy the ride!

My stay in Cyprus was lovely and relaxing.  Nothing can beat the great beaches, beautiful sunshine and the friendly people.  Too bad I won’t be able to visit again soon.

More pictures here.

False Engrish

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When I first saw this cute little rabbit on a towel hook in my friend’s apartment, I assumed that “leveret” was a misspelling of “rabbit.”  Given the asian propensity to confuse “R” and “L,” it made sense to me.  I immediately branded it as Engrish and had a good chuckle.

As it turns out, leveret is a real word.  It means “young rabbit.”  Oops.  Not Engrish.

What I Do At Work 4th Edition

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A fully equipped stage manager (complete with hard hat, hi-vis vest, 2-way radio, wireless headset, highlighter, checklist, lanyard and steel-cap shoes).

Where I Work- A view of COD at night


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At the local grocery store - Expect Guide Dogs

Wikipedia defines “Engrish” as “non-standard variations of English used in East Asian countries.”  Basically it can be a mistranslation, a mispronunciation, or misspelling of English words or phrases.  It can be found a t-shirts, posters, candy, shampoo or anywhere.

Since arriving in Macau, I have found many funny examples of Engrish.  Here are some fun ones below.

Stay Away from Frizzness! Back away from Frizzness!

On the shelf in my shower


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