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What I Do at Work 5th Edition

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In order to better do my job, Dragone has arranged for me and my co-workers to take several classes.  Recently, I completed two courses that will help me run a safer show and help my co-workers in case of emergency.

The first of these classes was a 2-day “Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support” course taught by St. John Ambulance in Hong Kong.  The class was very intense and required previous First Aid/ First Responder Training.  Luckily all of our group did well and passed both the written and practical exams.

A paragraph from the section about explosions. Intense.

We practiced such procedures such as Endotracheal Intubation, Intraosseous Cannulation, Vehicular Extraction, Spine Board, Cervical Collar, Needle Thoracostomy and Helmet removal.  I found all of this rather intimidating and I really hope I will never be called upon to use most of these skills.

However the class really focused on the thought process one must follow in a medical emergency and this will prove invaluable during emergencies in the show.

Dean and I as Fire Wardens

We also took a class to train us as Fire Wardens for our building.  In addition to getting snazzy red caps to wear, we will be responsible for guiding an evacuation in case of fire or other emergency.  We learned a lot about the systems already in place to prevent fire and the spread of fire.  We also had some hands-on training with various types of fire extinguishers.

Me practicing with a CO2 extinguisher

Me practicing with a Powder extinguisher

I am very grateful that Dragone and COD have provided me with this training.  I hope to use very little of it in real life, but am I happy to have had some practice.


Some Thai Engrish

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On my recent trip to Thailand, I noticed an abundance of Engrish.  Here are some of my favorites.

But I prefer Pespi

Actually, hold the Coak, I'll just have a Short


You can take a boat trip to see the beautiful island where those Jame Bone films were shot