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Go ahead, open up and do a search for the term “wall.”  You know what you’ll get?  The number 1 image is a picture of a brick wall that I took a few years ago.  The isn’t particularly special or interesting, but somehow it made it to #1.  Here is the wall for you:


The Word Fuck

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An English Lesson . . .

I really appreciate how they spell sentence . . .

As My Friend Aya Would Say, “Interesting.”

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On a recent trip to Hong Kong (affectionately called “Honkers” by those of us in Macau), I saw a few things that gave me pause.

A Vending Machine for Umbrellas

I think this is actually a really good idea.  I have seen these machines at several MTR stations (metro, subway, underground).  Umbrellas are available in a variety of colors and come with their very own slip cover to for protection.  You can even use your Octopus card to buy them, so even if you are short on cash, you still won’t get rained on.  (Side note: an Octopus card is like an Oyster card in London or a SmartPass in Washington, DC.  You buy the card and load it up with credit, then you simply swipe your card to ride the train or bus.)

I don’t fully understand why an umbrella vending machine should strike me as weird.  In NYC, Milano and many other cities that also get a lot of rain, there are no such vending machines.  Instead, when it rains, the street vendors wait just outside the train station, arms laden with cheap umbrellas and sell them to you for $5 a piece.  I think that I fundamentally, I would prefer to give me money to a possibly illegal immigrant peddling his wares on the DL, rather than to a large corporation via an electronic transfer from my little plastic card.  However, I do appreciate that the vending machine is always there in a well-lit area and can’t get driven away when the cops decide to crack down on the illegal vendors on the street.

And now for the more disturbing of the interesting things I saw in Honkers.

Easy Shop Lingerie

I don’t know which is more unsettling, the fact that it is simply a lingerie shop named “Easy” or that it is a lingerie shop called “Easy” with happy little cartoon children on its logo.  I personally have no problem with sexy lingerie shops, be they trashy or classy or on clearance at 70% off.  However, I do wonder what it says about a person to have a label inside her underwear that says “Easy.”

Two Headed Sock Monkey

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Isn’t this monkey adorable?  I have been working for most of the month on this little guy.  I made him using leftover yarn from the socks I made for Marshall’s birthday.  I used up a every last scrap of that yarn and even had to rip out some of the legs to make the ears.  He might be my favorite creation yet.

See more photos of him here in my flickr amigurumi set.

Or visit my project page on

I do plan to publish the pattern for him sooner or later.  UPDATE: Pattern available here.

Monkey Business

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Several years ago, I discovered a type of crochet called “amigurumi.”  It is a Japanese style of making stuffed animals using crochet or knit.  The word itself combines the two Japanese words “ami’ (meaning knit) and “nuigurumi” (meaning stuffed animal).  Amigurumi is distinguished from Western style crocheted dolls and animals by the technique of work in spirals rather than in joined rounds.  Typically, the creations will have oversized heads and low and wide eye placement.  Though thousands of patterns are available in both Japanese and English, many designers like to just make up the project as they go along.  This is also how I work.  I often glean inspiration from images on the net, but ultimately just crochet and make decisions on the fly.

I started simple with a pair of fishies

Immediately I was “hooked,” I began making all kinds of creatures.

Lucy the Snail

Otto the Octopus

A Pineapple

At one point a friend asked me to make him a monkey that he could “stick [his] finger up its butt.”  Never one to back down from a challenge and helplessly addicted to crochet, I quickly began working on the project.

This little monkey in a sailor suit is named Peaches. And yes, you can stick your finger back there.

Then I went back to crocheting animals without any special holes.

MacKenzie the Snail

April Showers (get it?) the Easter Bunny

Well, before too long there was another request for a monkey with an orifice.  This request came from a co-worker who wanted a creature that was half-frog/half-monkey and called a “Fronkey.”  Again, I threw myself into the process with gusto.  This little guy has both a mouth/throat and an anus.  I figured he could double as a storage area for items you want to hide.

We put the Fronkey to work, running fly cues backstage.

Flash forward past a couple of years of crocheting normal amigurumi, hats, scarves and baby blankets.  Then came a big request for a big sock monkey with a big penis.  Another co-worker had found a picture of a giant sock monkey with an oversized organ on the internet and brought it to me saying, “Can you please please please make me one of these.”  I opted for a slightly smaller and slightly more colorful version (and of course gave it a “backdoor” as well).

Isn't he adorable? . . .until you look down

He turned out really really well but I think he felt a little lonely.

So I crocheted him a girlfriend.

Love at First Sight

Or Maybe Just Lust

Since then, I have incorporated anuses into several more amigurumi, though no more “boy bits” or “girl bits.”  I enjoy the subtly of the lone anus.  It can be used for storage or stress relief when needed and sit innocently on your desk, couch or shelf when not needed.

I am the Proudest Monkey

See more of my amigurumi creations here.

Have a Nice Day

Back to the Bubble- Highlights from T&F 2 and 3

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After a 3 month hiatus (summer 2009), all of us Dragone people descended upon Lint and Eurocam (again) to begin (again) our training for the showGiven that it is currently summer 2010, we are all now living in Macau and the show is set to open in September, I will give a speed-through version of the events of Fall 2009 and Winter 2010.

When we first returned to Belgium, the plan was to train until the middle of December and then move to China and begin Creation with the New Year.  Unfortunately, due to delays in building construction, we ended up staying in Belgium until the end of March and not beginning Creation until the middle of June.

When we first arrived, the weather was still warm and even a bit sunny

Soon the wind began to blow and the temperature began to drop

Halloween was a particularly fun occasion in the Bubble.  We had a big party in the catering area.  I helped many of the artists make their costumes (using my normal clothing).  Costumes included: Aerobic Instructor, Hippy, Guy Who Just Finished Taking a Shower, Surfer Party Girl and Jessie K.

Kris G as Hippy

Anna as Jessie K(me)!

Three of these ladies made their own costumes, but the pink one is Cecilia as Surfer Party Girl.

I went as Tigger with a hand-crocheted hat and tail, Magic used his wheelchair and went as R2D2.

We re-christened the Month of November to be “Movember” and almost of all the guys grew out their mustaches.  Apparently, this is an Australian tradition and often used to raise money for testicular cancer.

Mo' betta Mo' boyz Mo'stache

On the last day of Movember, even the girls joined in the fun.

In December, the US Ambassador to Belgium came to visit our studios.  He watched some training and posed for pictures with his entourage and the Americans working for Dragone.

Don't I Look Patriotic?

Snow Snow Snow- Fellow SM Dean and I are very cold in this picture

Getting ready for Christmas with my Sexy Advent Calendar

Also in December we had a big holiday party before everyone went off on their brief holiday vacations.

Santa visited our studio!

Me with Chicken the Acrobat and the 6 Contortionists

We all had 2 weeks vacation for Christmas, Hanukkah and New Year’s.  I took my holiday in Maryland with my family and NYC with my friends.  After the break (again) we all came back to Belgium (again) and resumed our lives in the Bubble (again).  In January we celebrated our one year anniversary of Training and Formation.

Cesilie in the rubbish bin

(Needless to say, after a year and all living and working in the same building, we may have gone a little bonkers.)

Me and Anna at the Studio

We passed Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, and all the other days in between.  And on one special day in March, we celebrated the wedding of one of our acrobats, Martin, and his new wife, Petra.  They got married at a church in Brussels and then we held a small reception in our catering area.

In a traditional Slovakian wedding, the bride breaks a plate and the groom must sweep up all the pieces. The other men at the wedding try to kick the pieces away so that the groom cannot complete his task.

Martin and Petra cut the cake!

Tasty tasty cake

In addition to all of the on-site adventures and plenty of work, I did make several trips abroad during this time period.  I will write about those in another blog entry.

I will leave you with the “before” and “after” shots of our group.

A group shot of the artists on our welcoming first night in Jan 2009

A Group Photo Taken for Our Going Away Party- March 2010

What a ‘dam ending

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It’s hard to believe but my European Summer Adventure is drawing to a close!  I traveled for 92 days all over Europe.  I saw so much and met many friends (new and old).  See a full list of all my stops here (including links to blog posts on each city.)

For my last step in the grand adventure, I decided to visit Amsterdam for the third time during my summer travels.  I have been to Amsterdam a number of times for work and pleasure, so it always feels like a home away from home.  I still manage to get lost but can always wander my way back to my destination.  It is a great place to refuel and relax.   It’s also a perfect walking city, and given that I will gladly walk any distance as long as the scenery stays interesting, it’s an ideal locale for me.  All of the City Center is accessible via foot, bike or tram and if the weather is nice, nothing beats a leisurely stroll along the canals.

Each time I stayed in the ‘dam this summer, I stayed in a different hotel/hostel.  This particular time I chose the Damhotel.  It certainly was no luxury but the location was quite convenient.  I really appreciate being close to the train station when I have to carry my luggage.

The Famous Yellow Shoe

I spent most of my one-day stay in Amsterdam relaxing and didn’t take a whole lot of photos.  You can see a few more here.

Alas, my European Summer Adventure had come to a close and I hopped on the train back to Lint, Belgium and back to my life in the “Bubble.”