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Not Quite Down Under, But Definitely Down There

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Waterfall at the Resort

It seems like ages ago now . . .

In October of last year, I was flown to Indonesia for a job interview for a new circus/dance show.  I will gloss over the business side of my trip but rather to focus on the new and interesting things I discovered during my [limited] free time.

Night One- Bali


Not the kind of place I'd normally stay, nice of them to put me up

I flew from Hong Kong to Bali’s airport Denpasar and arrived in the late afternoon.  Things were much warmer than in Macau where the weather had finally started to settle down to a moderate level of heat and humidity.


Buffet in the Night

I was wisked away to a resort (name withheld).  I was given a tour of the resort and the nearby construction site for the theatre.  Then I ate my complimentary dinner and settled down for the night.


A gentle reminder of dinnertime dress code

Day Two- Surabaya, Java

I awoke early in the morning to fly to the neighboring island of Java to conduct my actual interview with the producers in the city of Surabaya.


I flew over a volcano!- Gunung Ruang

I spent most of that day my interview/meeting with the producers, but I did get a few hours to myself in the afternoon to explore the area around my hotel.


A pedestrian bridge

I enjoyed walking around the urban landscape and (not surprisingly) got a little bit lost.  I didn’t have a map and got distracted and wandered while taking photos of the graffiti and statues and flowers.  Luckily, I was able to make it back to my hotel safe and sound by following my photos backwards.  It’s good to live in the digital age!

I had dinner that night with one of the producers and his family.  I got to try many tasty Indonesian dishes.  My favorite was an omelette with tofu and peanut sauce called Tahu Telor.

Day Three- Back to Bali and Home Again

I awoke early again on Sunday morning.  I caught another plane back to Denpasar and had a 5 hour layover before my flight back to Hong Kong.  I chose to catch a taxi to the nearby town of Kuta and spend a few hours on the beach.


As you can see, it was kind of overcast . . .

I did spend a bit of time reading on the beach and took photos with some tourists.  (Everyone wants a photo with the white lady.)  I also went for a nice walk in town.

The decor and atmosphere is so different between the two islands I visited.  Surabaya (on the island of Java) was a typical Asian city with busy streets and lots of street vendors.  Most of the population there is Muslim and the religious architecture is prominent yet conservative.  Bali is Indonesia’s only Hindu island and each corner is decorated with the signature black and white check drapes and bright yellow flowers.  Statues mark each doorway and incense burns non-stop at countless shrines.

Before too long I was back in a taxi, then back on a plane, then back on a ferry, then back on a bus and then back home.  It was a long weekend and a great trip.  It was my first time south of the Equator and therefore another travel milestone for La Femme Cactus.


See more photos of my Indonesian weekend here.



Star Wars vs Star Trek

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There are lots of variations on this theme on youtube, and this one is my favorite

Meet Tourosol!

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The Bull

Tourosol- A Bull with a Sunflower

Recently, a lady commissioned me to crochet a bull holding a sunflower for her upcoming wedding anniversary.  The bull is based on a character in her husband’s favorite childhood cartoon.  She couldn’t tell me the name of the show or the character, but gave me the photo below.  She wanted the bull to hold a sunflower (her favorite flower).


No name, only photo . . . Let the creativity begin.

With nothing else to go on, I selected some yarn and drew up a sketch.  She liked the sketch and we agreed on a price and deadline.


My Sketch of Tourosol

It took me about a week to crochet him up and assemble him.  Most of the design was pretty easy, however, I did struggle with the clogs and have to remake them a few times before they turned out right.  I named him “Tourosol” which combines the Portuguese words for bull and sunflower.  I used a red chinese lantern as the flowerpot because their anniversary falls just a few days after Lunar New Year.


Tourosol profile

The Rest

Life in Macau is going well.  New Year festivities are in full swing.  (Expect a post in a few days with lots of decoration and firework photos.)  I am crafting up a storm.  Other than the bull, I have made an elephant, some hats and I just finished my first KNIT scarf.


The elephant (also with New Year lantern)

Slouch Hat

Shell hat for Jessica

My first knit project is complete!

I am feeling really inspired to write, so keep an eye out  for most posts soon.  There is much to show and tell.