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Suddenly I’m not so worried about leeches….



The Safety Dance

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Hey puppetman, do your diaper dance!

The Winner

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Hello from Singapore, the city of the future, home to FAT asians (yes, I said it), and the land of the Rubber Duckie Race.

Today at the Asian Civilizations Museum, I found this little Rubber Duckie. He’s the winner. Ernie would be proud!


This is a Test

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I just downloaded the wordpress app for my iPhone and am now able to blog from anywhere without my computer. (ooh, aah)


In fact right now I am waiting at the Hong Kong airport getting ready to fly to Singapore!

Hopefully this will work and I’ll be able to blog as I go for thus trip instead of my usual m.o. which involves waiting several months to upload photos and write about my travels.

So check back often for highlights of Singapore, KL and Borneo!

Kung Hei Fat Choi- Happy Chinese New Year part 1

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One of the coolest parts of living in Macau would have to be the two-week celebration that is Chinese Lunar New Year.  The holiday is complicated with different days being dedicated to different persons or activities.  One celebration with friends, one celebration with family, one to honor your ancestors, etc.  Good luck and prosperity are common themes for decorations and gifts.  (I encourage to read the wikipedia article I linked to above, it pretty thoroughly explains the holiday better than I can.)


Starting in mid-January, rabbits began to appear throughout Macau

It's the Year of the Rabbit


Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit

Every building, every store, every corner and every home becomes redder, happier and covered in MONEY!

Happy New Year at the City of Dreams







This is the little tree is where you pin your Red Envelopes (which contain MONEY)

OMG, It's a shiny rabbit holding money!

I truly enjoyed the decorations throughout the city and decorated my apartment as well.


2 Tigers and a Rabbit (last year was Year of the Tiger)


It wouldn't be Asian without Hello Kitty

Another great tradition is the Lion Dance.  There was a ceremony onstage at Dragone with 3 Lions, drumming, dancing and the very dramatic offering of lettuce (for the rabbit).  There was also a blessing in the lobby with incense and burning paper.


The Blessing table in the lobby



Dancing Lion


The highlight of the event, for me, was a bad mix of some ceremonial paper burning and the South China wind.


Stay tuned for “You Could Lose an Eye Doing That (Or Chinese New Year part 2)”.

See more photos of Chinese New Year here.


Monkey Business

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A small family of monkeys at Agra Fort.

There was a Mama Monkey and a Baby Monkey.

I love you Baby Monkey, even though you have literally sucked my tits raw.

And a Daddy Monkey.


What do you want?



Oh yeah.

I dropped the baby.

See more photos from India here.



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From Wikipedia: “At sufficiently high doses of the drug ketamine (often .25 grams (0.0088 oz) – .5 grams (0.018 oz) or more), it is common to experience a “K-hole“. This is a slang term for a subjective state of dissociation from the body which may mimic the phenomenology of schizophrenia,[1] out of body experiences or near death experiences,[2] and is often accompanied by feelings of extreme derealizationdepersonalization and disorientation, as well as temporary memory loss and vivid hallucinations.”


I, personally, define K-hole as: “At sufficiently high doses of craft Knitting, it is common to experience a subjective state of dissociation which is often accompanied by feelings of euphoria, loss of time, insomnia.”  Clear indicators that you have fallen into a k-hole: cramping in hands or fingers, realization that you have “watched” 4 episodes of Prison Break and didn’t notice that the main character is covered in tattoos, and . . . the most common tell-tale symptom:


Stripey Socks for Me


Binary Hat for Sharon (says Sharon in binary!!)

Sock Monkey Sweater Vest for Me (says sock monkey in binary)

Umbilical Hat for Me- my first knit hat

La Femme Cactus part Deux (says la femme cactus in binary as well)

That’s all I will show you here.  (Can’t believe there’s still more? What can I say? I am a knitting fiend.) See more photos of knit stuff here.


I have recently updated my ravelry page with complete STASH info and updated PROJECTS.