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Singapore’s Merlion

Posted in Life in Singapore with tags , , , , , on February 24, 2012 by Yarn Over New York

If you have ever visited Singapore, you surely have seen the city-state’s mascot, the Merlion.  Half Lion/Half Fish.  Kind of like a mermaid.  The lion half comes from the Malay name of the country, Singapura, which mean “Lion City.”  I have no idea where the fish half comes from.  Maybe because it’s an island and lots of people fish here.

Anyway, normally, the Merlion sits on the Marina Bay, spouting water from its mouth.  However, when I first visited this lovely country, the Merlion had been converted into an installation art/ tourist attraction.  The Merlion Hotel, a one-room exclusive hotel built around the Merlion’s head.  (Spouting water turned off, obviously.)  Guests could spend one night up-close and personal with this giant “catfish.”

For those not willing to sleep under the stoney watchful eyes of a mythical beast, a mini version was erected in the nearby square.

Merlions can be found all over Singapore.  Shot glasses, t-shirts, figurines.  There is a giant (even bigger than the original) replica on Sentosa Island (with a viewing deck in its mouth!).  My favorite on display at the Vivo City Mall Toys R Us and made entirely out of Lego.

If you ever travel to Singapore, be sure to give the Merlion a visit.