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What I Do At Work- 7th Edition: My 15 Seconds of Fame

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Recently, at Voyage de la Vie, we did a special feature with the host of the local morning show, AMLive (ChannelNewsAsia). He was filming a series of segments that involved him learning various jobs very quickly and then doing them for a day. The series was called “Crash Course.”

The last segment was ours and he came to learn how to be a circus performer. We shot over 2 days including training, make-up and costumes and, of course, his appearance in the show.

This is a video of the whole feature. I appear in it 3 times. Twice just walking in the background in a colorful skirt- during training around the time that he gets new shoes and then in the make-up room. And then I cue him and the other performers to go onstage.

Bonus Feature:

Here is a second link to a 15 second “behind the scenes” clip of me and the host marveling over an acrobat’s abs.

It was fun and a little terrifying to be on TV.  I don’t really like being on camera, but Steven (the host) and his crew made it really easy.