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Adieu Voyage de la Vie

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Tonight, after 677 performances in 2 years, Voyage de la Vie closed.  It’s been a journey for over 60 performers and over 80 technical crew.  Over the 2 years, there were 5 different directors, 3 different leading men, a variety of world-class circus acts that came and went.  One lone acrobat performed in all 677 shows, a contortionist made 676 (having been sick 1 day.)  The rest of us enjoyed the voyage and are sad to see it go.

Adieu Mes Amis


What I Do at Work- 8th Edition

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Remind people NOT to be filthy!

Obviously, I failed. EWW!!!!

Good-Bye Rainbow Apartment

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The time for me to say good-bye to my apartment in Singapore is fast-approaching.  My show (Voyage de la Vie) is closing and I am heading into what I like to call International Homelessness.  I will travel for a little while (currently planning to do 2 weeks in China, 1 week in Hong Kong/Macau and another week in Tokyo.)  If I don’t manage to have work lined up after that, I will head to the land down under and do a grand tour of Australia and New Zealand.  (Which is potentially very exciting because I’ve never been either place before AND it would be my 50th [and 51st] country visited.)

Here are some photos to show off my mad decorating skills.

My Rainbow Apartment

My Living Room

I sure will miss this place.

See even more photos here.