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Travel theme: Multiples

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Another contribution to Where’s My Backpack’s Weekly Travel Themes, Multiples.

Multiple scorpions, bugs and unidentified creatures on sticks ready for deep frying in Hangzhou, China

Many mini Buddhas in Tokyo, Japan

Origami cranes at the Killing Fields in Cambodia

Young coconuts in Boracay, Philippines (yummy)

Several prayer wheels at the Sakya Monastery in Tibet

Candles at the Duomo of Milano, Italy

Larger than life lily pads in Uppsala, Sweden

One of the best April Fool’s Day pranks ever. My office covered in little yellow rubber duckies. (Lint, Belgium)

Multiple Marshmallows for rehearsal at Blue Man Group at Astor Place, NYC

In Amsterdam…can’t entirely say how many goldfish there actually were…

Multiples at the Playa at Burning Man 2007

Oranges in NYC


Skoopy’s Rasta Hat

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This hat is by far my most popular design.  I have made dozens, sold several and had handfuls stolen/borrowed indefinitely.  I’ve made them in every imaginable fiber and in various sizes to accommodate different size heads and hair.

David Z wearing Skoopy’s Rasta Hat in Homespun

Styrofoam Head Model

Is that a zombie?

I finally have written and test-crocheted my pattern and now it is available at my Ravelry site here.

Sara the Capybara

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A few years ago, my long-time/ long distance BFF, Sara came to visit me in Macau.  Since Macau is tiny and Sara traveled half-way around the world, we decided to also visit Japan during her stay.

Osaka Aquarium’s Capybara

During our trip (which I will blog about someday), we visited the Osaka Aquarium, which houses all sort of sea life and randomly several capybaras. The capybara is a South American giant (and adorable) rodent.

Even the sign is cute

In her comment on a recent blog post about my crocheted amigurumi animals, Sara challenged me (informally) to create a crochet capybara with a bumhole.



I present Sara, the Capybara

The business end

I took copious notes as I made her and plan to publish the pattern on Ravelry soon.