Sara the Capybara

A few years ago, my long-time/ long distance BFF, Sara came to visit me in Macau.  Since Macau is tiny and Sara traveled half-way around the world, we decided to also visit Japan during her stay.

Osaka Aquarium’s Capybara

During our trip (which I will blog about someday), we visited the Osaka Aquarium, which houses all sort of sea life and randomly several capybaras. The capybara is a South American giant (and adorable) rodent.

Even the sign is cute

In her comment on a recent blog post about my crocheted amigurumi animals, Sara challenged me (informally) to create a crochet capybara with a bumhole.



I present Sara, the Capybara

The business end

I took copious notes as I made her and plan to publish the pattern on Ravelry soon.


3 Responses to “Sara the Capybara”

  1. Aaaahhhh!!! I LOVE IT!!!

  2. You’re so fast.

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