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Don’t Get Rubbed the Wrong Way

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Singapore does not want you to get groped.  Not even a little bit.  The groper will get in BIG trouble, but it’s probably still your fault anyway for being SO irresistible.

The Singapore Police Force has an new awesome series of public service announcements warning about pickpocketing, home invasion and my favorite crime “Outrage of Modesty.”

It would be your own fault if you did

It would be your own fault if you did

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A gag version


In My Dreams Crocodiles are Made of Rainbows

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Is it a scarf or is it a croc’s tail?

Even though I live on the equator, I still often need to wear a scarf.  The air conditioning on bus, trains and in movie theatres is INTENSE.  I try to carry a scarf with me to use when needed.  The “croc-a-tail” scarf fits easily into my bag and is cuddly warm enough to keep my neck cozy.

I’ve made the pattern available at my ravelry store here.  It includes two variations.

Let’s Pretend I Didn’t Go to Delhi…

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In late November 2010, my Asian Winter Odyssey continued as my friends Kevin and Matt and I boarded a plane from Kathmandu to Delhi.

Our time in India was split between Delhi and Agra.  I won’t write much about Delhi in this blog entry because most of my time was taken up by spending 2 days in the hospital dealing with my dog bite.  Read all about the dog bite here.

Delhi 25, 26 and 29 November

Delhi wasn’t all bad, I did have a bit of time outside the hospital.  I chose to spend that time away from the crowded touristy areas.  I wandered around more residential areas of the city.  I was inspired by the bright colors of the clothing, flowers and buildings.  Here are some photo highlights.

Agra 27 November

Agra was awesome!  Yes, it was touristy.  Yes, it was crowded.  Yes, it was dirty.  But I still had a lovely time. We visited the Agra Fort, the Mosque and Palace at Fatephur Sikri and, of course, the Taj Mahal.  We also met a couple of British guys that were traveling around the world on bicycles!

Our first stop Agra Fort

Luckily, the fort was not very crowded, which made for a perfect morning of wandering around solo and chasing the multitudes of monkeys.

Hang in there, Buddy

Not a monkey

Cool doors

A view of the Taj Mahal from Agra Fort

After spending a couple hours at Agra Fort, we joined the throngs of tourists at the Taj Mahal.

A quick history

Despite being super-crowded, the Taj Mahal experience was really fantastic.  Given the steep entry price, the area was amazingly free of the hordes of hawkers, peddlers and begging children that can be pervasive in other areas.  Thousands and thousands of tourists all crowded in to the get perfect photo of the gorgeous marble building which magically changes color with the passage of the sun.

Taj Mahal says, “My future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades.”

A view back at the gate

Insane inlay details

Taj Mahal sunset

My “perfect” shot

While at the Taj Mahal, we ran into a couple of fellow travelers from our hostel.  Charlie was in the middle of a four-year world tour on bicycle.  His friend James had joined him for part of the journey, and the two were traveling from Delhi to Kathmandu.

Kevin and Matt wanted to have an upscale dinner at one of the 5 star hotels.  Wanting a more cost-effective evening, the two British bikers and I headed to the roof bar at our hostel to enjoy the remains of the setting sun and cheap beer and eats.

After a few beers, we came up with the brilliant idea to shave my head.  I hadn’t washed my hair very well in quite some time due to the rarity of running water in the past few weeks of my travels.  As we moved farther south, the weather had grown hotter and the dirt and pollution had grown thicker.  This resulted in my hair staying in a ponytail- without the aid of a rubber band.

We set out to find a barber shop and shortly found one and then began to draw a crowd as the barber began to shave my head.  Charlie convinced him to leave me a little Hari Krishna style tuft–much to my chagrin.  When I tried to make the barber shave it off, he unplugged his clippers and declared them “broken.”

Check out the crowd in the mirror!

Read about Charlie’s amazing adventures here.  He’s amazing.

Fatephur Sikri 28 November

The next morning, I awoke liberated from my former mega-dread and now sporting a comical mini-tuft.  Kevin, Matt and I headed to the nearby town of Fatephur Sikri to visit the ancient palace and mosque.

A local parrot

These guys really wanted me to take their picture

All in all, my trip to India was an adventure.  I am lucky that the dog bite was merely an inconvenience and not a major injury.  I met some awesome people and saw amazing sites.  Unfortunately I couldn’t get a good picture of how crowded the roads were.  The images will be burned onto my brain forever: people walking, scooters, cars, trucks, horses, camels (really really tall camels), trucks, cows, families of 5 on motorcycles, you name it.

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The end

Travel Theme: Gaudy- Lunar New Year Edition

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Gong Xi Fa Cai

Here is a collection of my favorite Chinese New Year decorations from around Asia.  Lots of gold, lots of shiny.  This post is my contribution to Where’s My Backpack’s Weekly Travel Theme.

2011- Year of the Rabbit

Luminous child holding a branch dripping with money at Senado Square in Macau

A Chinese Opera New Year Pink Luminous Bunny in Macau

Fake blossoms and lots of lanterns in Macau

2012- Year of the Dragon

Shopping in Singapore

A Luminous Dragon at Resorts World Sentosa

Golden Dragon at Suntec City Mall

2013- Year of the Snake

Lion Puppet with Firecracker Tongue at the Ang Mo Kio Market in Singapore

Nothing Says Happy New Year Like a Sparkly Multicolor Flower Tree Light


Read more about my first Chinese New Year experience here and here.




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I’ve written a couple of posts before showing the public service campaign to reduce unwanted touching here in Singapore.  “Outrage of Modesty” is a crime (with hefty punishments) that covers any kind of unwanted advances: hugging without permission, verbal assault from a stranger, groping on the train, street or even in a nightclub.

As I’ve said before, I don’t want to be groped by a stranger, nor do I want other people to be made to feel uncomfortable, but this campaign makes the whole thing seem ridiculous.

Post 1- A Lifetime of Regret

Post 2- Stickman and the Ghetto Booty

And here are the latest round of photos.  Gloriously displayed on an elevator in a housing block.