About Me

Hello.  Thanks for visiting my blog.

I like to climb things

I like to climb things

About me . . . (written by my lovely friend SaraToday)

Jacinthe saffron nacarat wearer
Egg bean veggie tofu eater
Silly scarf and hat crocheter
Striking vivid photo taker
Italian speaker, reader, lover
Exemplary profanity maker.
Look she’s pink, green, aqua, yellow
Velocipedic (watch her go)
Eating can be somewhat messy,
Situations spiral into Loud with Jessie.
Over the top
Relationship challenged
Addicted to travel
Neon mural creating
Gatherer of shiny sparklies
Everyday a new chance for Color.

Other than that . . . I am a stage manager by trade, crocheter/knitter by obsession, music lover, amateur painter and photographer.
Oh yes, and bat-sh*t crazy!
Edit 8 Jan 2013- I figured I should strike-out “relationship challenged” in Sara’s poem.  Though I have been challenged in the past, I’ve been with my current partner for long enough now that I feel it might be insulting to him to refer to me as “challenged.”  Everything else still applies

5 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Hi, nice to meet you !

  2. Hello sweet glitter angel,
    Can you refer me to an arts and crafts store in or near Taipa, Macau?

    xx 🙂

  3. rosen Says:

    Dear Jessie ,

    I am Rosen , my company is about to produce an up coming musical show for next year march , I am looking for an experience production manager to help up this project . I am from Malaysia , right now we have plan several venue that will love to have our show there , probably theatre or theme park .

    May you please contact me asap by email or leave your contact so I can call you and have more details ?




  4. Hi I’m thinking of applying for a job in Macau. Could you tell me a little about it. I’m having a hard time finding a lot about it on the internet. I enjoyed your blog.

  5. Christy Kimont Says:

    So a random google search landed me at your blog… the internet’s not such a large place after all 😉

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