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Good-Bye Rainbow Apartment

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The time for me to say good-bye to my apartment in Singapore is fast-approaching.  My show (Voyage de la Vie) is closing and I am heading into what I like to call International Homelessness.  I will travel for a little while (currently planning to do 2 weeks in China, 1 week in Hong Kong/Macau and another week in Tokyo.)  If I don’t manage to have work lined up after that, I will head to the land down under and do a grand tour of Australia and New Zealand.  (Which is potentially very exciting because I’ve never been either place before AND it would be my 50th [and 51st] country visited.)

Here are some photos to show off my mad decorating skills.

My Rainbow Apartment

My Living Room

I sure will miss this place.

See even more photos here.


My Apartment in Macau

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When I moved from Belgium to Macau about a year ago, I found an awesome little 2-bedroom apartment in the historic area of Taipa.  The apartment fit all of my requirements: I could walk to work, it was not in a high-rise, I could easily walk to stores, restaurants and bars, and most of all it was in a neighborhood with some personality.

The area where I live is the oldest populated part of Taipa (called Old Taipa Village), whereas the rest of the island was pretty much a jungle until about 10 years ago.)  In recent years, the trees have been cleared out of the majority of Taipa and many many new high-rise apartment buildings have been added.  Though I enjoy the conveniences this kind of development creates (groceries stores, home supply stores, bars and restaurants), I wanted to live in a location with more of a history and a more unique feeling.

A view of the rest of Taipa

(Chicken coop high-rise = bad)

As you can see from the photos below, I have large windows with a view of trees!  It feels like I live in the woods ever though I am in the middle of the city.

Here is a before photo

The apartment is fully furnished (YAY!) with really ugly non-color-coordinating cheap furniture (BOO!), so I decided to cover EVERYTHING with orange fabric.  It is much better this way, don’t you think?

And here is the finished product

I also decided to paint the walls in my bedroom and the main living/dining area.  The kitchen and bathroom are both tiled, so no need to paint in there.  I had left the second bedroom alone with plans to tackle it in the future.  Now my roommate Nia has painted it for herself.

I went with an orange called “Carotine,” a dark green called “Kelly Green” and a light green called “Celery Stalk” for the living room.

For the bedroom, I chose a yellow called “Ripe Banana” and a pink called “Strawberry Crush.”  It’s like a smoothie in there!

I went to several home goods stores looking for various colorful (but mostly orange) accessories for the apartment.

My Guardian Lion

I set up a nice relaxing area on my bedroom windowseat.  It is a perfect little reading corner.

I covered the wardrobes with my photos.

My water cooler.

See more photos of my Macau apartment here.

Tree of Life

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A few years ago in NYC, I painted a mural on my door inspiring by Gustav Klimt‘s Tree of Life.


Klimt's Tree of Life

Skoopy's Tree of Life- 2008

Recently, a friend of mine started to do murals on the walls in his living room.  He asked me to do a portion for him.  I chose the corner between his kitchen and his front door.  After some thought, I decided to do another tree of life.

I started this project about a month ago now and am really excited to show its progress over the last few weeks.


In the beginning, there was a tree

And in the end . . .


See more murals I’ve painted in Macau here.

La Femme Cactus Makes Her Mark

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I am writing this post to demonstrate why it is good to have friends that are as crazy as you are (I am).  I will present this tale to you in the form of a script.

Scene: Apartment in Old Taipa (Macau), nighttime, two 30-something expat chicks chilling on the balcony


Shaz: I bought some fairy lights today.  Wanna help me figure out where to hang them?


Shaz shows LFC two set of Christmas lights, one with dragon flies and one with random shapes made of straw.

LFC: These are awesome.  [La Femme Cactus look around the room thoughtfully] You know what you should do?  You should hang them on this wall above your couch.

Shaz: That could be cool.  How would you do it?

LFC: Well first I would paint the wall so it’s not such a boring brown color.  I have an awesome green leftover from when I painted my apartment.


****I interrupt this story to tell you that, YES, I will write a post and show photos of my own apartment soon.  I promise.  Now, back to your regularly scheduled broadcast.****

Shaz:  That’s a good idea.

LFC: Do you want to do it right now?  I can go get the paint and the supplies.

Shaz: Sure.  Let’s do it!

Shaz and La Femme Cactus go over to LFC’s apartment, which is conveniently located in the same building, but is inconveniently accessed by going DOWN one set of stairs and then UP another set a stairs.  They collect the paint, brushes and other supplies and then head back DOWN and UP the stairs back to Shaz’s apartment.


The two ladies begin to rearrange the furniture and set up the painting supplies.  Meanwhile, Rich (Shaz’s husband) comes into the apartment . . .


Rich: Hey ladies, what’s going on?

LFC: We are going to paint your wall green and then hang some fairy lights.

Rich: [pointing at paint can] That lime green right there?

Shaz: Yeah, we can make a cool design.

Rich: I don’t know how I feel about this.

LFC: What if we just paint PART of the wall green and leave mostly the brown?

Shaz: Yeah, we could do shapes!

Rich: I’m still not sure about this.

LFC: It’ll be great.  Just wait and see. [ponders] Ok, if we don’t paint the whole wall, we should find a fun design.  What do you think?  Palm trees?

Shaz: I don’t know.

LFC: I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [EXCITED] A cactus!

Shaz: Perfect.

La Femme Cactus then starts painting the outline of two cacti.  Soon, the cat, Butters, decides that he should help.  Soon, Butters face and tail both match the wall.  Mostly brown, with a lovely green design.

LFC: I think I can finish the basic shapes tonight, but I’ll need to come back tomorrow and bring more paint for the rest.  If you give me your keys, I can do it while you are both at work.

Shaz and Rich give LFC a set of keys to their apartment and she heads home for the night.

End of Day One

The next day, she returns with several more colors of paint and resumes her work on the wall.

Painting the spines takes FOREVER!  Shaz and Rich come home.  Shaz’s friend Brandy comes over to watch.  LFC slaves away for HOURS to paint all the little spines on the two cacti.

Flowers too!

Finally the paint is done and the lights can get hung.  Shaz pulls out some sticky hooks and gets to work on her contribution to the mural.

Ready for lights

LFC: I think we have done a good job.

Rich: It’s not what I would have imagined for my living room, but it’s pretty cool.

Brandy: I want one in my house!



See more photos of this and other murals here.



What I Do at Work 6th Edition

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I am on TV.  I am on TV in Belgium.  Belgian people watch me on TV.  I am even in the trailer (view here).  They show me strapped to a spine board and running up to an ambulance.  This is very surreal.

Our lovely documentary/reality TV channel

I have actually watched the first 44 (of 120) episodes.  I am shown quite a bit.  My favorite episode absolutely has to be the episode where we paint our office.  Other things I do “on the show” are: hand out bathing suits and chamois, tell people to get on a bus, the whole “victim”-for-a-rescue drill-strapped-to-a-spine-board-thing, run up to 2 ambulances, look very serious at meetings and make a schedule.  I episodes not yet released I will go to the Zoo and ride a boat, I will go to chocolate factory and make chocolate, and I probably run up to another ambulance (though they might use stock footage of that since I ran so beautifully the first two times.)

I wrote posts on a few of these events.  See office painting post 1 and post 2, zoo and (of course) spine board.

Here below you can read the Google Translation of the blurb from Exqi’s website.  You can read the original Flemish version here.

“Plus on Monday EXQI “Dragone”

The Monday of EXQI Plus promises much news. It is the start of “Dragone,” the television program at the rehearsals and training for the big water show of Franco Dragone…

..During 2007 and 2008 is Franco Dragone across the globe in search of athletes and gymnasts with whom he has a unique water show would create. The show is meant for the City of Dreams Theatre in Macao, the Las Vegas of China. Because the theater is still under construction in Macao, a location must be found for the rehearsals and training. Franco Dragone’s eye falls on the media site of the Eurocam Media Center and give the command to a ribbon of water studio custom build.

On January 9, 2009 the studio was ready and on January 10, 2009, the team of 80 athletes and their crew, who come from every continent, in Lint on.

On that day also begins the story behind the scenes of the show. The viewer makes the joys and sorrows with a number of artists such as the Polish Klaudyna gymnast, diver informed the Brazilian Sandro, the Tanzanian WABO clown, the Chinese athlete Xu Tao, the passionate Englishman Kirk, etc.

Every day, the athletes at the creation of the show facing new challenges, problems and dangers. The viewer will learn them one better know as a person and simultaneously experience what it’s long without family and friends to live in a foreign country, another culture and a difficult language.

“Dragone” takes you on a fascinating way into the show world and let you look into the hearts of artists and creators.

“Dragone”, from March 1, every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at 20:00 on EXQI Plus. A compilation follows on Sunday. Get a taste in this trailer.”

EDIT: Here is the opening credit sequence for the TV Show.  I cannot embed the video, so here is the link.

A Collection of Random

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Here are a couple of recent crochet projects.



Marshall in his new hat



A green hat for Suzy



Flower detail


I haven’t painted in a while but here is one I did in December.



An untitled painting



The song I can’t stop listening to right now is “Karma Police” by Radiohead.

and as covered by The Bad Plus

My friend Saram’s rocket launch video (She provided this link in her latest comment, but I want to display it front and center because it’s so cool.)



I’m so jealous.  So jealous.


Lastly, I leave you with a photo of the Antwerpen Centraal Railway Station.  Named 4th most beautiful train station in the world in 2009.

My Latest Artwork

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Here are some recently completed paintings of mine.

This is for my boss, Anna

An abstract for a dancer, Ana

For one in particular, Orange