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Don’t Get Rubbed the Wrong Way

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Singapore does not want you to get groped.  Not even a little bit.  The groper will get in BIG trouble, but it’s probably still your fault anyway for being SO irresistible.

The Singapore Police Force has an new awesome series of public service announcements warning about pickpocketing, home invasion and my favorite crime “Outrage of Modesty.”

It would be your own fault if you did

It would be your own fault if you did

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A gag version



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I’ve written a couple of posts before showing the public service campaign to reduce unwanted touching here in Singapore.  “Outrage of Modesty” is a crime (with hefty punishments) that covers any kind of unwanted advances: hugging without permission, verbal assault from a stranger, groping on the train, street or even in a nightclub.

As I’ve said before, I don’t want to be groped by a stranger, nor do I want other people to be made to feel uncomfortable, but this campaign makes the whole thing seem ridiculous.

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And here are the latest round of photos.  Gloriously displayed on an elevator in a housing block.

Outrage of Modesty

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Last year,  I wrote a post about the laws here in Singapore, including the infamous Outrage of Modesty.  (link here to the Singapore government’s website with a full description of the crime, its potential prevention and punishments)

Here is a warning that I saw the following sign on the subway train.

Truly Truly Truly Outrageous
Follow These Instructions and Nothing Bad Will Happen


Rules- A Lifetime of Regret

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I took this picture a few nights ago inside the toilet stall of a local bar/club.

Here in Singapore, all criminal activity is taken very seriously and there is a prominent “Low Crime Doesn’t Mean NO Crime” campaign.  Taking a drink of water on the metro or a bus nets you a $500 fine.  As does carrying durian on public transportation.  Smoking indoors will cost you $1000.  Chewing gum is also illegal.

Passengers flying into Singapore on the budget airline Tiger Airways are greeted with a message similar to this, “Welcome to Singapore.  The time is 4:20 in the afternoon.  The weather is sunny and 34 degrees.  The penalty for drug crime is death.  Please alight the plane safely and enjoy your stay in Singapore.”

Even considering all of the above, I found the “Lifetime of Regret” poster extreme.  I hate being groped by strangers as much as the next lady.  However, I would hardly think the police need to intervene as I a perfectly capable of telling off a douche-bag by myself.  More disturbing though, is the thought of police intervention on a desired advancement or wanted interaction.

I don’t want the modesty police interfering with my choice of wardrobe or choice of companion.  I want to feel safe while I have fun, but I don’t want to feel monitored as I have fun.  Apparently, I don’t really have a choice in the matter.