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This Song is Stuck in my Head

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Animal Collective- My Girls


What We All Do at Work

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As you may or may not know, creating the largest most expensive show on the planet is hard work.  It requires years of development and months of intense labor creating the finished product in the theatre.



Guennadi takes his lunch lying down


Our facility was built from scratch specifically for our show.  Hundreds of people have been planning, prepping and slaving away to get the show ready for an audience.



Brixton and I catch a quick nap in the elevator


Last week, we opened (to rave reviews) and our hard work has finally paid off.



Beata grabs some shut-eye between training sessions


We here at The House of Dancing Water, have had several additional projects to deal with during the creation of our show.  We have had a “making-of” documentary film crew, the souvenir program photography and even a few weeks of shooting for our reality TV show.



The Film Crew from EXQI



Photoshoot on the Beach




Even the Cameraman needs to take a rest


One of the marketing techniques employed by COD was to produce a music video with Hong Kong Cantopop legend Sammi.  She sings our theme song (Water of Love) and dances on our stage.  Our cast and stage are featured prominently to tell the love story in her song.  Watch the video here:



The Towel Bin is a great place to catch some ZZZs


Following our Gala Grand Premiere Opening, we had a raging party that started with a champagne toast in the lobby, drinks and munchie food at the Hyatt Ballroom and then hours of debauchery at the new dance club, Cubic.


Rowan, Me and Cheeky celebrate with class at the Hyatt



No one knows where to look- too many paparazzi



The Morning After


Maybe now that the show is open, people will begin to be able to sleep in their own homes again.

Here is one more video of our Creation process for you to enjoy.

Music Genres

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Last night, while procrastinating from doing real work, I decided to organize my files in iTunes.  I used the SoundHound app on my iPhone to identify unlabeled songs and started to clean up my genre labels.  At first it was easy.  Merge “General Alternative” and “Alternative” into one category.  Do the same for “General Rock” and “Rock,” “General Folk” and “Folk,” etc.

But then, I asked myself, “What is the difference between Alternative and Rock?”  I mean, what is the difference, really?  In the early 90’s, there was a difference, right?  But what exactly was that difference?  What about now?  And what about the other genres, where do they fit in?

What is the difference between rock and alternative?

I understand that The Police are “Rock” and Tori Amos is “Alternative.”
But isn’t Tori more like what we would call “Folk” now?
As opposed to folk like James Taylor?
But maybe James Taylor is considered “Rock” now?
Like classic rock
Like The Monkees.
But wouldn’ t they actually be “Pop?”
Don’t even get me started on the Rap/Hip-Hop/R&B!
I’m so confused!!!!!!!!!!!!

A Collection of Random

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Here are a couple of recent crochet projects.



Marshall in his new hat



A green hat for Suzy



Flower detail


I haven’t painted in a while but here is one I did in December.



An untitled painting



The song I can’t stop listening to right now is “Karma Police” by Radiohead.

and as covered by The Bad Plus

My friend Saram’s rocket launch video (She provided this link in her latest comment, but I want to display it front and center because it’s so cool.)



I’m so jealous.  So jealous.


Lastly, I leave you with a photo of the Antwerpen Centraal Railway Station.  Named 4th most beautiful train station in the world in 2009.

Another Theater Lesson

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A few months ago, I posted a video showing how stage managers tape out a floor for rehearsal.  Now I present with you a lesson in lighting focus.  Enjoy.

Ducks, naturally

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Several years ago I made the bold prediction that same sex marriage would be totally legal and recognized in the United States by the year 2010.  I was hopeful; I was positive it could/ would/ should happen.  Although I think I may have been a few years ambitious with my prediction, it will happen and it has started to happen.  Despite setbacks like Prop 8, several states are changing their legislatures to allow and recognize same sex unions.

Dark blue=legal, medium and light blue=some restrictions

Dark blue=legal, medium and light blue=some restrictions

I am proud to say, that I currently live in a country where same sex marriage has been legal for more than 6 years.  In Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, Norway, and Sweden a marriage between any two partners is equally recognized.  Many other countries have civil union laws similar to marriage and are showing America and the world that marriage is a human right for all not just for the heteros!

blue=same sex marriage legal; yellow=under consideration; red=not legal

blue=same sex marriage legal; yellow=under consideration; red=not legal

Other countries that recognize gay marriage: Canada, Australia, South Africa, Nepal, Israel. (not necessarily a complete list)  Many others are working towards legislation to recognize or perform same sex unions.

In response to recent legislation in New England, Pat Robertson made the following [insane] comments.

In response to his ludicrous statements equating homosexuality to bestiality, the comic duo of Garfunkel & Oates wrote a beautiful song called Sex with Ducks.  Which you can download for your listening pleasure here.  Or watch the video below.

yeah, ducks . . .

yeah, ducks . . .

Web Site Story

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A funny video from College Humor.