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Weekly Travel Theme- Ripples

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Here you go! Another installment of Weekly Travel Theme (as inspired by Where’s My Backpack)– Ripples.

A ripply self-portrait at the Dali exhibit at the ArtScience Museum in Singapore

Ripples of fire in Boracay, Philippines

Undulating Rice Paddies at Long Shi, China

Artistic metal ripples- The Sibelius Monument by Eila Hiltunen in Helsinki, Finland

Architectural Ripples at the University Library in Zurich, Switzerland

Peacock ripples at Lazienski Park in Warsaw, Poland

Sara ponders the glassy waves in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Thus completes my non-water collection of ripples.

See my other contributions to Weekly Travel Themes here.


Weekly Travel Theme: Light

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Another version of Where’s My Backpack‘s Weekly Travel ThemesLIGHT.  I could not resist such an awesome theme.

Boston, USA


Paris, France



Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei


Hangzhou, China


Larnaka, Cyprus

Amsterdam, Netherlands


Kathmandu, Nepal

Weekly Travel Themes: Benches

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I have to say thank you to my friend Luc, who prompted me to write a new blog post.  It’s been ages and I have no good excuse other than laziness.  So merci, Luc!  No more laziness for me!

Anyway, I’ll offer another segment of Weekly Travel Theme and this week it’s Benches. I am particularly inspired by this theme because my favorite way to see a new city is to walk.  I often set off with no direction and just wander and watch.  Benches provide a wonderful resting point during my travels.  I’ve sat upon some beautiful benches in beautiful spots.

Get on the bench. The banana bench. Prague, Czech Republic.

Even Rubber Ducky needs a rest in Dublin, Ireland.

A very welcoming bench in the port of Kusadasi, Turkey.

Aya and Sita save a spot for me at Lou Lim Ieoc Park in Macau.

This bench tells it like it is in Naples, Italy.

Dragon bench in Bruges, Belgium.

Don’t mind if I do in Singapore. (I think this is the ONLY graffitied bench in all of Singapore)

Dali’s lip bench in Berlin, Germany.

Comfortable? In Hangzhou, China.

A Gaudi-esque mosaic bench at Grant’s Tomb in NYC.

The real deal in Barcelona, Spain.

and lastly…

Not exactly a bench…but freaking cool. Marshall poses with “Blue Guy Sitting”*

* part of “The Art of the Brick” exhibit by Nathan Sawaya at the ArtScience Museum in Singapore.

Travel theme: Multiples

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Another contribution to Where’s My Backpack’s Weekly Travel Themes, Multiples.

Multiple scorpions, bugs and unidentified creatures on sticks ready for deep frying in Hangzhou, China

Many mini Buddhas in Tokyo, Japan

Origami cranes at the Killing Fields in Cambodia

Young coconuts in Boracay, Philippines (yummy)

Several prayer wheels at the Sakya Monastery in Tibet

Candles at the Duomo of Milano, Italy

Larger than life lily pads in Uppsala, Sweden

One of the best April Fool’s Day pranks ever. My office covered in little yellow rubber duckies. (Lint, Belgium)

Multiple Marshmallows for rehearsal at Blue Man Group at Astor Place, NYC

In Amsterdam…can’t entirely say how many goldfish there actually were…

Multiples at the Playa at Burning Man 2007

Oranges in NYC

Travel Theme: Festive

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Merry Christmas Dudes!

This is my second installment of Weekly Travel Theme from Where’s My Backpack.  This week’s theme is Festive (aka Christmas).


I’ll start off with a very local festive photo.

This is me and my students celebrating Christmas 2012 with crocheted monkeys in Singapore.


Christmas 2011 in Singapore was the season of the Elephant Parade.  I had several fairly quiet parties with work friends and Jason’s friends.  All in all it was a fairly mellow Christmas. (Though the Stage Management department did do a Secret Santa and my Santa gifted me with wool for needle felting!!!)

I love my NON-White Christmas!! No snow!! No cold!!


It’s funny when “home” becomes “travel.”  I was fortunate enough to be home (DC metro area) for Christmas in 2010, though at the time I was living in Macau AND in the middle of a 6 month travel extravaganza that I call my Asian Winter Odyssey.

While in MD, my friends and I cruised my the house that we call “The Monstrosity”

I consider this one worthy of two photos. Yes Santa IS riding a weird unicycle/wheelchair and saying “Feliz Navidad.” Don’t ask me.


Nothing says “Weihnachten” like Glühwein in Germany.  (Glühwein is a tasty spicy mulled hot wine served in Northern Europe around the holiday season.)  In 2010, my friends and I traveled from Belgium to Cologne, Germany to visit the Christmas Markets and freeze our noses off!

The view from our hotel room


Christmas 2008 served as a good-bye for me.  It was the last time I saw my family before leaving NYC and the USA to live in Belgium.

Doesn’t my Dad look FESTIVE?

Merry Christmas — Happy Holidays — Season’s Greetings!!

Travel Theme: Transportation

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Recently, I found the blog “Where’s my Backpack.”  I instantly fell in love with the site’s Weekly Travel Themes. The author posts photos from her travels highlighting a particular theme and invites other bloggers to do so as well.

This week’s theme is Transportation.  And here is my contribution.

In 2010, I took a train ride from Xi Ning, China to Lhasa, Tibet with my co-worker Kevin and his boyfriend Matt.  This photo shows them enjoying the view of the amazing mountains during our 25-hour trip.

In order to get to the top of the hill and visit Changdrok Temple, visitors have the option of walking the steep rocky path or riding a pony.  I chose the pony.

This is not necessarily a fantastic photo, nor do I particularly like cruises.  My mom, however, does and she invited me to join her and my dad on a Mediterranean cruise in 2009 and we had a brilliant trip across the seas and visited Italy, Greece and Turkey.

A few years back, while living in Belgium, a group of Dragone employees visited Planckendael Zoo accompanied by our trusty TV camera crew.  Shown in the picture above: Andy, Lidia and I transport ourselves across a stream using a boat and a rope.  Out of frame is the camera crew capturing this moment for product placement on our TV Show “From Lint to Macau.”

While traveling in Siem Reap, Cambodia with my friend Lea, we had a very adventurous day trying to get to the temples at Angkor Wat.  The traditional (tourist) method for transport in Siem Reap is to hire a tuk-tuk driver for the duration of your stay and the driver will take you to the nearby temples and water villages.  All had been going well until one day…  Our tuk-tuk broke down on the side of the road – TWICE.   The photo above shows the roadside repair process.

There are many modes of transportation I have used in my travels.  My favorite would have to be…


My Winter Travels: Rotterdam, Cologne, Maastricht and London

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Public Art in Rotterdam

As I sit at my desk here in Macau and write this post to document my travels from last winter, I reflect on the differences in my life.  I no longer live in gray, cloudy, cold Belgium and am no longer hopping on trains to visit nearby cold and snowy European cities.  Instead I live in gray, cloudy, hot Macau and occasionally hop on a plane to visit nearby sunny and humid asian cities.

The Dom Cathedral in Koln

So let’s all close our eyes and imagine it is a cold and blustery winter in Northern Europe.  Let’s imagine that we at Dragone have just received news of yet another delay in our show and our eventual cross-planet transfer to Macau.  Christmas is fast-approaching and thoughts of escaping Belgium and out Bubble are increasing daily.

Pass That Dutch in Maastricht

Over the few months of winter, we organized some group trips to various neighboring countries to break up the tedium of life in Belgium.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it's Skoopy!

Rotterdam, the Netherlands: 13 December 2009

The first of our trips was to Rotterdam, one of  the bigger cities in the Netherlands.  We went as a large group to see the Cirque du Soleil show Saltimbanco (also directed by Franco Dragone).  Many of our cast and crew have worked on Saltimbanco in the past and were really happy to have the chance to see their friends onstage.

Marshall and Dean consult the map

We also did the requisite wandering/sightseeing/shopping in the afternoon.

Cool Statue in the Sunset

Koln (Cologne), Germany: 20 and 21 December 2009

My co-workers (friends) Sita, Kirk, Alex and I decided to take a weekend trip to Cologne for some last-minute Christmas market shopping and revelry before each heading to our respective homes for the holidays.

Beer can keep you warm

The town was a-buzz with Christmas Cheer

Lots of snow, lots of people, lots of booths in the markets

Pit stops at bars and café were essential given the frigid weather and pushy crowds at the markets.  We ate lots of warm crusty pastries and treats and drank a lot of Gluhwein (warm mulled wine- a Holiday treat in Germany and the Netherlands).   We also each managed to find a few items for gifts or for ourselves.

Merry Christmas!

Maastricht, the Netherlands: 31 January 2010

I decided to visit Masstricht because my little brother told me I would be a “stupid-head” if I lived so close to it for almost 2 years and never actually made the trip.  He had studied here a few years back during his University days.  I suppose he enjoyed it and that’s why he called me mean names to persuade me to go . . .

A quaint little stream and a quaint amount of snow

To be honest, the trip was not entirely exciting.  We walked around town and saw the Southern Dutch architecture, the river and some cool modern buildings in the distance.

However, it was BRASS BAND weekend and we did catch several live performances around town!

London, England: 7 and 8 February 2010

The last “big” trip I went on during my time in Belgium, was the weekend holiday in London.  Again, a bunch of Dragone-ites headed out together to visit the city and see Varekai at Royal Albert Hall.

Two of my traveling companions Pamela and Ana

Other than the show, my favorite part of the trip was visiting the Camden Town Markets.  The place is crawling with “hip” people, “hip” cafes and lots and lots of “hip” handicrafts to buy.  I got a cool ring made of circuitry parts.  (It is very “hip” but it did turn my finger green . . . )

The "Hip" Area

Hip candles made of hip fruits and veggies (for real, yo)

The trip was awesome and a much-needed diversion from the Bubble.  Of course it was cold and of course we had to walk a lot.  The show was really good and being in Royal Albert Hall was totally cool.

But hands down, the COOLEST part of the trip was . . .

THIS T-SHIRT!!!!!!!!!

I guess that brings us up to date on my travels.  Probably just in time for me to take another trip or two.  Perhaps, I should try to blog about my life here in Macau a little more . . .

Anyway, more photos of Rotterdam here; Koln here; Maastricht here and London here.  ENJOY