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What We Do at Work- 10th Edition- Haze Special

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When the PSI crossed 400 yesterday, our employer issued every worker with a 3M N95 safety mask to wear whenever we went outdoors.

Silliness ensued…

Nurse Cindy assists Ailing Annabelle with her safety mask

I made sure that Hello Kitty avoided any airborne ailments


Merry Monkeys

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I posted earlier that I was doing a crochet/ amigurumi Monkeyful Christmas Countdown.  I had set my goal at 10 monkeys by Christmas.  As it turns out, I only needed to make eight.  (One for each of my 6 students, one for Tracey and one for Helen).

“Skinny Monkey” number 3 of 8

The first four monkeys went really quickly and I had completed them with weeks to spare.  Then wrist and finger pain caused me to pause for a few days.

Rainbow Monkey

Monkeys 5 and 6 happened eventually and then I paused again as my friends Marshall and Lionel came to visit.

Fuzzy Head (Tiger) Monkey


This resulted in me having only THREE DAYS to crochet my last two monkeys.  I did make it, but I had to stay up until 3am on the night of the 23rd to finish the last monkey for my students.

Sunrise Monkey- possibly my most favorite monkey ever!

The Finale Monkey- Watermelon

My students and their monkeys

What I Do at Work- 9th Edition- The Paragon of Safety

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As previously mentioned, my most recent show, Voyage de la Vie, closed a few months back.  As the show was drawing to a close, we attracted some media attention.  After all, we were the longest running show in Singapore by over a year!

Our comms department arranged for a  Facebook contest for fans of our show.  The winners watched a matinée performance and then were treated to a deluxe backstage tour hosted by our Artistic Director with the help of our Show Captain and the technical departments and (of course, yours truly).

We started onstage in front of our final curtain with a photo session with the cast and a brief introduction by Michael LaFleur (the artistic director).  We then gave the crew a chance to change the scenery onstage and we took the winners on a tour through the dressing room area back to training room for a hands on circus hoop demo from artists Gemma and Pasha.  We even managed to convince one of the winners to try out the hoop.

After that, we headed back to stage for a costume and make-up demo, including an opportunity to try on the costumes and get fake tattoos.  The tour ended with a joyous spin on our skate carousel, which gave the winners a brief glimpse into life as a circus performer.

See Dejiki Nicholas’s blogpost about this event including lots of great pictures.  I am featured down towards the bottom.  I am labeled as the paragon of safety because I accidentally gave half the tour wearing my safety goggles!

Adieu Voyage de la Vie

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Tonight, after 677 performances in 2 years, Voyage de la Vie closed.  It’s been a journey for over 60 performers and over 80 technical crew.  Over the 2 years, there were 5 different directors, 3 different leading men, a variety of world-class circus acts that came and went.  One lone acrobat performed in all 677 shows, a contortionist made 676 (having been sick 1 day.)  The rest of us enjoyed the voyage and are sad to see it go.

Adieu Mes Amis

What I Do at Work- 8th Edition

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Remind people NOT to be filthy!

Obviously, I failed. EWW!!!!

What I Do At Work- 7th Edition: My 15 Seconds of Fame

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Recently, at Voyage de la Vie, we did a special feature with the host of the local morning show, AMLive (ChannelNewsAsia). He was filming a series of segments that involved him learning various jobs very quickly and then doing them for a day. The series was called “Crash Course.”

The last segment was ours and he came to learn how to be a circus performer. We shot over 2 days including training, make-up and costumes and, of course, his appearance in the show.

This is a video of the whole feature. I appear in it 3 times. Twice just walking in the background in a colorful skirt- during training around the time that he gets new shoes and then in the make-up room. And then I cue him and the other performers to go onstage.

Bonus Feature:

Here is a second link to a 15 second “behind the scenes” clip of me and the host marveling over an acrobat’s abs.

It was fun and a little terrifying to be on TV.  I don’t really like being on camera, but Steven (the host) and his crew made it really easy.

What We All Do at Work

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As you may or may not know, creating the largest most expensive show on the planet is hard work.  It requires years of development and months of intense labor creating the finished product in the theatre.



Guennadi takes his lunch lying down


Our facility was built from scratch specifically for our show.  Hundreds of people have been planning, prepping and slaving away to get the show ready for an audience.



Brixton and I catch a quick nap in the elevator


Last week, we opened (to rave reviews) and our hard work has finally paid off.



Beata grabs some shut-eye between training sessions


We here at The House of Dancing Water, have had several additional projects to deal with during the creation of our show.  We have had a “making-of” documentary film crew, the souvenir program photography and even a few weeks of shooting for our reality TV show.



The Film Crew from EXQI



Photoshoot on the Beach




Even the Cameraman needs to take a rest


One of the marketing techniques employed by COD was to produce a music video with Hong Kong Cantopop legend Sammi.  She sings our theme song (Water of Love) and dances on our stage.  Our cast and stage are featured prominently to tell the love story in her song.  Watch the video here:



The Towel Bin is a great place to catch some ZZZs


Following our Gala Grand Premiere Opening, we had a raging party that started with a champagne toast in the lobby, drinks and munchie food at the Hyatt Ballroom and then hours of debauchery at the new dance club, Cubic.


Rowan, Me and Cheeky celebrate with class at the Hyatt



No one knows where to look- too many paparazzi



The Morning After


Maybe now that the show is open, people will begin to be able to sleep in their own homes again.

Here is one more video of our Creation process for you to enjoy.