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What We Do at Work- 10th Edition- Haze Special

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When the PSI crossed 400 yesterday, our employer issued every worker with a 3M N95 safety mask to wear whenever we went outdoors.

Silliness ensued…

Nurse Cindy assists Ailing Annabelle with her safety mask

I made sure that Hello Kitty avoided any airborne ailments


Merry Monkeys

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I posted earlier that I was doing a crochet/ amigurumi Monkeyful Christmas Countdown.  I had set my goal at 10 monkeys by Christmas.  As it turns out, I only needed to make eight.  (One for each of my 6 students, one for Tracey and one for Helen).

“Skinny Monkey” number 3 of 8

The first four monkeys went really quickly and I had completed them with weeks to spare.  Then wrist and finger pain caused me to pause for a few days.

Rainbow Monkey

Monkeys 5 and 6 happened eventually and then I paused again as my friends Marshall and Lionel came to visit.

Fuzzy Head (Tiger) Monkey


This resulted in me having only THREE DAYS to crochet my last two monkeys.  I did make it, but I had to stay up until 3am on the night of the 23rd to finish the last monkey for my students.

Sunrise Monkey- possibly my most favorite monkey ever!

The Finale Monkey- Watermelon

My students and their monkeys