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I Live in China Now

Posted in Getting There, Life in Macau with tags , , , , , , on March 22, 2010 by Yarn Over New York

I was supposed to live in Belgium for a mere 5 1/2 months, but ended up staying 18 months.  I don’t resent my time in Belgium, but am thrilled to say, “I DON’T LIVE IN BELGIUM ANYMORE!!”  I live in China.

A foggy view of the mountain

My flights were uneventful and I arrived safely in Macau.  Last night I went out with some of my fellow stage managers and had a great time.  Unlike Belgium, bars and restaurants are actually open at night and you can go shopping as late as 11pm!

A Portuguese Tower in Macau

Today, I spent most of the day house hunting.  I have 2 days to find an apartment.  I saw a lot of apartments, most of which are not what I am looking for, but I did see one cute 2 bedroom in Old Taipa that might be perfect!  I have a few more appointments tomorrow and then I guess I have to make a decision.

Macau - an interesting mix of China, Portugal and Las Vegas

I also stopped by the theatre just to see it for the first time.  It is way cool.  I am not allowed to post photos of it, but it is really quite impressive.  I can’t wait to getting started on making this show.

Don't worry Grandma, looks like I won't have trouble finding a date here!

See more photos here.


Leaving in less than 2 days

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So indeed, I have 2 sleeps left in Belgium, one day of work and one morning; one presentation and one party, and I still gotta to finish all those last minute tasks one does one one moves across the globe.

I am clearly not going to finish the European Summer Adventure posts.  I will have to pick it up again once I get settled in Macau.

Here are a couple of Belgian pictures to say good-bye.

Sunset from my window

A Sculpture in Antwerp

Next post will be from the other side of the planet.

Cats’ New Home

Posted in Getting There with tags , , , on January 6, 2009 by Yarn Over New York

I feel like I should follow up to my early post pleading for placement assistance for my 2 wonderful catsRingo and Isabella have indeed found a new home with Jeff and Alex of Inwood.

Me, Alex and Jeff

Me, Alex and Jeff

I found Jeff (graphic designer) and Alex (singer) through the Burning Man listserve when I friend of mine helped forward my plea for a home to all the kind-hearted Burners out there.

The Man

The Man

Luckily, Ringo and Isabella found their matches with Jeff and Alex.  My kitties were welcomed into their new home with open arms and a wall full of boxes to climb in.

When We All Were Younger

When We All Were Younger

I still think about them all the time, but I rest easier knowing that they are in a great new home with two loving humans to pet them and cuddle with them.

Here are a couple of videos from my last few days with my dear cats.



Repainting, painting

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Ok, I am in my NEW LIFE in Belgium now (still doesn’t quite seem real) but before I left I had to repaint my lovely ORANGE bedroom to be ready for the arrival of my subletter Tony.

My Bedroom - BEFORE

My Bedroom - BEFORE

Strangley enough, Tony was not so gung-ho about the idea of having a Kumquat colored bedroom.  I “agreed” to paint the room white for his arrival, thus leaving him with a clean slate.  But those of you who know me, know that I could not possibly paint a room WHITE.  Not possible.  So I painted it a subtle shade of blue (hand mixed by yours truly).

1st Coat of Blue

1st Coat of Blue

At about this point I stopped.  I could not bear to cover up all the beautiful orange in my bedroom.  I decided that I would paint a mural on the small door covering the storage area above my closet.

2nd Blue Coat and Halfway Progress Mural

2nd Blue Coat and Halfway Progress Mural

Here is the final product.  I am pretty proud but I still miss the Kumquat, as it really was the perfect color.

Final Mural

Final Mural

Anyway, I hope that Tony is happy with the end product.  It certainly doesn’t look like my bedroom anymore and I hope he enjoys it.

Sono Arrivata

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So I have successfully arrived here in Belgium.  I am staying and working at the Eurocam Studios, where a special water rehearsal area has been designed and built just for us.  The pool has ramps and swings and a boat and it 4 meters deep.  I cannot wait to get scuba trained.

Eurocam Studio 12

Eurocam Studio 12

It is below freezing here but luckily I am not required to spend much time outdoors.  I have met my boss and had lunch with a few other co-workers.  More people will arrive tomorrow and I will really get to work.

My flight was uneventful, I slept most of the time.  I did, however, come down with a cold.  I am loading up on Airborne to combat the yuckies.

That’s about all I can write now.  I promise to write again soon and include photos of my last few days in NYC and my new life here.

I am so excited.

By the way, here is a photo of what I brought with me:

3 suitcases, 1 laptop backpack, 6 small boxes that I mailed to myself

All My Posessions

All My Posessions

Visa Process

Posted in Getting There with tags , , , , , , on December 22, 2008 by Yarn Over New York

This morning I went to the Belgian Consulate here in NYC.  I must say as far as consulates go, I was quite pleased.  Though there was only one person servicing people, she was pleasant, efficient and knowledgeable.

For my work in the past, I have had the (dis)pleasure of visiting several consulates and have never had as pleasant an experience as I had today.

Let me start at the beginning.  The consulate opened at 9:30am.  I arrived at 9:36.  I was allowed to enter the building and, not even that, I was allowed to enter a nice, clean, warm, comfortable waiting area.  I waited about 10 minutes, then handed in my paperwork and a wad of cash.  The lady then handed me a receipt and told me to come back next Monday.

Now, this may not seem overly shocking to those of you who have never had the pleasure of applying for an Italian visa.  Oh the wonderful beautiful land of my ancestors and birthplace of Pocket Coffee.  Great wine, great food, great sights, not terribly service-oriented people.  If you are a guest in their house, they will feed you and feed you and entertain you and feed you and give you the shirt off their backs.  But if you are in a grocery store (or any kind of store) you are assumed untrustworthy and, in fact, worthy of scorn.  This goes doubly so if you are applying for a visa.

Of my several trips to multiple Italian consulates, I have been met with misinformation, rudeness and, on one occasion, out and out refusal.   In NYC, a visa applicant is expected to arrive in the wee hours of the morning, long before the consulate is open, in order to secure a position as the one of (possibly) 25 people that will be seen that day.  One is expected to sit outside of the consulate no matter what the weather.  I must at this point mention that there are no benches outside of the consulate.  Therefore, no matter what the weather, no matter what your age or physical condition, one must either stand for hours or sit on the sidewalk.  For a few hours until they start letting people in 3 at a time.

At that point, you and all your bags are inspected and you are asked a series of questions.  Then and only then are you allowed to go to the waiting area and take a number.

Now, I understand that Belgium (population 10 million) is a smaller country than Italy (population 59 million).  But both are Schengen States and members of the EU.  So I ask you, Italy, why can you not be more like your friendly Flemish northern neighbor?  In fact, Italy, with nearly 6 times the number of inhabitants, why aren’t you better than Belgium.  More resources, more establishment?  So what if you have 7 major political parties, organized crime and changed your minds halfway through WWII.  Can’t you give people a bench, at least?

P.S. For you non-Italian speakers out there, here is the wikipedia link for Pocket Coffee. Realize its greatness.

Work Permit and Contract

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So folks, it looks like this is really happening.  My work permit has come through and my contract has been signed.   I have a plane ticket and will leave on Jan 3.  That gives me 14 full days left in this country.

My friends are coming to stay with me this weekend.  Provided they don’t get snowed out.

I will post more news and photos soon.