European Summer Adventure 2009

I was lucky enough to have three months off in the summer of 2009.  I visited 57 cities in 17 countries in 92 days!  Amazingly enough, I spent less money on this epic vacation than I would have during three months of living in NYC.

Me and the view from the Warsaw Tower (about 5 stories high)

I am compiling my blog posts and links to photos for easy reference.  Please enjoy my European Summer Adventure.


Amsterdam, the Netherlands– 17 June – 19 June

Lint, Belgium– 19 June

Paris, France– 20 June – 23 June

Berlin, Germany– 24 June – 27 June

also: East Side Gallery

Munich, Germany– 28 June – 30 June

Barcelona and Madrid, Spain– 30 June – 10 July

also: Missed It By That Much

Beach Tour 09 (Portugal and Spain)- 10 July – 16 July

Aix-en-Provence and Avignon, France– 17 July – 23 July

Zurich, Neuchatel, and More, Switzerland– 24 July – 30 July

also: A Swan Stole My Wallet

Warsaw and Krakow, Poland– 1 Aug – 6 Aug

Amsterdam, the Netherlands– 6 Aug – 7 Aug

Paris, France– 8 Aug – 11 Aug

also: What I Want to Be When I Grow Up

Scandinavian Leg– 12 Aug – 26 Aug

also: Swedish Language Lesson

also: La Femme Cactus Meets the Mother-in-Law

Tallinn, Estonia– 15 Aug

Larnaca, Protaras, and Agia Napa, Cyprus– 27 Aug – 3 Sept

Rome and Florence, Italy– 4 Sept – 5 Sept

Mediterranean Cruise– 6 Sept – 12 Sept

Naples and Milan, Italy– 13 Sept – 15 Sept

Mulhouse, Colmar, and others, France– 16 Sept – 18 Sept

Amsterdam, the Netherlands– 19 Sept

Graffiti in Barcelona, Spain

See my photos here.


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