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Weekly Travel Theme- Ripples

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Here you go! Another installment of Weekly Travel Theme (as inspired by Where’s My Backpack)– Ripples.

A ripply self-portrait at the Dali exhibit at the ArtScience Museum in Singapore

Ripples of fire in Boracay, Philippines

Undulating Rice Paddies at Long Shi, China

Artistic metal ripples- The Sibelius Monument by Eila Hiltunen in Helsinki, Finland

Architectural Ripples at the University Library in Zurich, Switzerland

Peacock ripples at Lazienski Park in Warsaw, Poland

Sara ponders the glassy waves in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Thus completes my non-water collection of ripples.

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Weekly Travel Theme: Light

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Another version of Where’s My Backpack‘s Weekly Travel ThemesLIGHT.  I could not resist such an awesome theme.

Boston, USA


Paris, France



Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei


Hangzhou, China


Larnaka, Cyprus

Amsterdam, Netherlands


Kathmandu, Nepal

Travel theme: Multiples

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Another contribution to Where’s My Backpack’s Weekly Travel Themes, Multiples.

Multiple scorpions, bugs and unidentified creatures on sticks ready for deep frying in Hangzhou, China

Many mini Buddhas in Tokyo, Japan

Origami cranes at the Killing Fields in Cambodia

Young coconuts in Boracay, Philippines (yummy)

Several prayer wheels at the Sakya Monastery in Tibet

Candles at the Duomo of Milano, Italy

Larger than life lily pads in Uppsala, Sweden

One of the best April Fool’s Day pranks ever. My office covered in little yellow rubber duckies. (Lint, Belgium)

Multiple Marshmallows for rehearsal at Blue Man Group at Astor Place, NYC

In Amsterdam…can’t entirely say how many goldfish there actually were…

Multiples at the Playa at Burning Man 2007

Oranges in NYC

What a ‘dam ending

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It’s hard to believe but my European Summer Adventure is drawing to a close!  I traveled for 92 days all over Europe.  I saw so much and met many friends (new and old).  See a full list of all my stops here (including links to blog posts on each city.)

For my last step in the grand adventure, I decided to visit Amsterdam for the third time during my summer travels.  I have been to Amsterdam a number of times for work and pleasure, so it always feels like a home away from home.  I still manage to get lost but can always wander my way back to my destination.  It is a great place to refuel and relax.   It’s also a perfect walking city, and given that I will gladly walk any distance as long as the scenery stays interesting, it’s an ideal locale for me.  All of the City Center is accessible via foot, bike or tram and if the weather is nice, nothing beats a leisurely stroll along the canals.

Each time I stayed in the ‘dam this summer, I stayed in a different hotel/hostel.  This particular time I chose the Damhotel.  It certainly was no luxury but the location was quite convenient.  I really appreciate being close to the train station when I have to carry my luggage.

The Famous Yellow Shoe

I spent most of my one-day stay in Amsterdam relaxing and didn’t take a whole lot of photos.  You can see a few more here.

Alas, my European Summer Adventure had come to a close and I hopped on the train back to Lint, Belgium and back to my life in the “Bubble.”

My ‘dam Pit Stop

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The European Summer Adventure pauses for business in Amsterdam.  Well, not work-like business, but business.  My ATM card was set to be delivered to the hostel and I really needed to do some laundry!  I know the geography of Amsterdam pretty well and it is really easy to get around and find conveniences.  All this put together made Amsterdam the perfect 2 day pit stop on my whirlwind adventure.

Now that's my kind of bag

Between laundry and banking, I did manage to wander around and enjoy the beautiful summer sights and sounds.  I did buy myself a new purse and a new wallet and formally made the Zurich wallet theft incident a thing of the past.

Anti-facist monument at museumplein

Covered? Uncovered? Covered? at Vondelpark

Name that Bird, Elise (or anyone)

Graffiti and Bicycles

And some night shots.

More photos here.

My ‘Dam Vacation Kicks Off

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After nearly six full months of intensive training and formation, the City of Dreams Project was ready for a VACATION!  Many people opted to go straight home to their countries of origin, others of us decided to see what else Europe had to offer.

Marshall, Emily (his sister) and Mike (her husband) headed to Amsterdam on the morning of my official last day of work.  In the evening, I hopped on a train to meet them in the “Venice of the North.”

dam fun

'dam fun

The next day, summer was in full swing and the sun was shining.  We decided to (eek!) rent bicycles to explore the city and see Vondelpark.  Now, I only learned how to ride a bike a few years ago for Burning Man and am not the most comfortable rider.  Amsterdam is famous for its crazy (read: kamikaze) cyclists and I was too petrified to bike on my own there.  However, this did not stop us.  Emily and Mike each rented a normal adult bike and Marshall and I hopped on a cute red tandem.

tandam bike

tan'dam bike

Our first stop was Museumplein, home to the Van Gogh museum, Rijksmuseum, the Concertgebouw and, of course, the i amsterdam sculpture.  We climbed all over the giant letters and Marshall did a handstand.



The next stop was Vondelpark for some monkey business.

I am hidden behind some dam leaves

I am hidden behind some 'dam leaves

Somehow, we made it back to return our bikes in one piece.  Marshall and I banged up our knees a little on the low handlebars of the tandem and I vowed to learn to ride a bike good enough to survive traffic in the future.  (Please do note that for the remainder of our travels together when Marshall wanted to ride a bike, he went off on his own and I sunned myself on the beach.)

Emily had heard of a “museum” called House of Bols.  It is a sensory overload that takes you through the history of Bols Genever (which is kind of like gin, but not exactly) and Bols Liqueurs.  There is music, there is video, there is a rainbow hallway where you sniff flavors from little perfume bottles and there are the requisite free drinks.

rainbow hallway with dam funhouse mirror

rainbow hallway with 'dam funhouse mirror

Emily takes a sniff from the mystery bottle

Emily takes a sniff from the 'dam mystery bottle

Once they ply you with 1 free cocktail and 2 free shots, they send you into the “Flair Booth” to test your bartending skills ala “Cocktail.”  Marshall and I might not be Tom Cruise, but I think we got some skills.  See our video here.

During our wandering Marshall noticed that the Amsterdam Yellow Clog in Dam Square was missing!   However, the next day on our way to the Van Gogh Museum, we found it in another part of the city.

Marshall and the dam yellow clog

Marshall and the 'dam yellow clog

All in all, our short trip to Amsterdam was lovely and a nice way to end Emily and Mike’s visit to Europe.  More photos here.

And I leave you with a photo of a bird for Elise.

Elise can you identify this dam bird for me?

Elise can you identify this 'dam bird for me?