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Hong Kong’s Big Buddha

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During my Asian Winter Odyssey of 2010-2011, I made several short stopovers in Hong Kong.  It was a convenient location to rest for a day or two between trips and also to meet up with friends from Macau.  One on of these stopovers, my friends and I went to Lantau Island to see Hong Kong’s Tian Tan Buddha (Heaven Buddha) and Po Lin Monastery.

Big Buddha

To travel to the Buddha from Central, you need to take a ferry to Lantau Island and then a bus to the site.  All in all it takes about an hour and a half.

As you may or may not know, Hong Kong is a fairly polluted city.  The air quality and visibility are usually pretty crappy.  Our visit happened on an average day, so the photos seems a bit yucky, but at least you can actually see the Buddha and surrounding hills.

Before heading back to Central, we had a tasty vegetarian lunch at the Po Lin Monastery.

Me and Marshall in front of the monastery

I fully recommend taking a trip to the Big Buddha if you visit Hong Kong.  It’s a peaceful location and there are several hiking trails nearby.


See more photos of Hong Kong here.


I’m Back in Macau

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Hey everyone.  I have made it safely back to Macau after my 2.5 months of traveling.   I am trying to get settled and set up a routine for myself.  It seems I have an epic amount of laundry to do…


CAUTION: I'm Back!!

More posting soon.  Please check back often to follow my recent Asian Winter Odyssey (including bonus North American side trip).  You can always check my flickr site for photos as I add them.


Sorry for the Convenience

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A while back, I saw a video from the late Mitch Hedberg‘s stand-up routine.

Then I saw the following sign in Hong Kong.

Seriously.  🙂