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Good-bye Old Friend

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It was love at first sight.  I was on the escalator in Plaza Singapura and, out of the corner of my eye, I saw shiny blobs of molten wax taunting me with their awesomeness.  All my life I dreamed of owning a lava lamp. I quickly made  my way back up one flight of stairs to the shop and requested an orange lava lamp.  The only orange one left was the display model.  I didn’t care, I wanted it so badly.  It had to be mine.

Please enjoy both the visual amazingness and the truly awesome audio in the background.

For over a year, we lived together happily.  Every night I would bask in the warm amber glow and enjoy the beautiful shapes it made for me.  We had good times.

It helped me host my 33 birthday party. (You can see it in the reflection next to the blue lamp)

It helped me host my house-warming party when I moved last year. See how it makes the food table so inviting.

We also had some not-so-good times.

There was the time its coil got stuck out of place. It was scary, luckily all was well in the end.

Then things started to get rough.  The light bulbs would spontaneously burn out.  Often.

The lamp told me what it needed.

I provided.

Still, things weren’t right.  Often the bulb would blow after just one use.  I tried different plugs.  I tried using a dimmer.  I did research online.  Soon, it stopped working entirely.  I took it apart and tried to fix the wiring.

Nothing worked.  My lava lamp died.  The end.

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I will miss you.


What We Do at Work- 10th Edition- Haze Special

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When the PSI crossed 400 yesterday, our employer issued every worker with a 3M N95 safety mask to wear whenever we went outdoors.

Silliness ensued…

Nurse Cindy assists Ailing Annabelle with her safety mask

I made sure that Hello Kitty avoided any airborne ailments

It’s Getting Worse

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Yesterday, I wrote a post about the air pollution here in Singapore. At the time, a 16 year record had been broken with a PSI level of 321. Since writing that post, the PSI has climbed over 400!

Here is a map from the NEA.

Singapore is a tiny island at the tip of the Malaysian Pennisula, right in the middle of the red zone.

Yesterday, I posted a hazy photo of the Marina Bay Sands hotel. Here is today’s.

Here is that same view again.  PSI level about 360.

Here is that same view again. PSI level about 360.

Here is a slightly different view, slightly earlier in the day. PSI reading 401.  You can't really see it, but trust me the hotel is there.

Here is a slightly different view, slightly earlier in the day. PSI reading 401. You can’t really see it, but trust me the hotel is there.



Let’s all hide indoors, crank up our air conditioning and wait for this to blow over. Surely, it will only take a week or two…


The Sky is a Hazy Shade of

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Well, it’s international news now.  Controlled (intentional) farm burns in Sumatra are causing a massive blanket of polluted smoky air to cover the tiny island nation of Singapore (and much of Malaysia as well).

The Guardian

The Financial Times


Wall Street Journal

Just google search “Pollution in Singapore,” you’ll see it’s big news.

The biggest news (covered here in Today and reported by the National Environment Agency) is that last night the PSI (Pollution Standards Index) reached a record high of 321.  Which is deemed to be “hazardous” and can lead to “early onset of certain diseases in addition to significant aggravation of symptoms in susceptible persons; and decreased exercise tolerance in healthy persons.” (with prolonged exposure)

Basically, the air is really hazy and it smells like a charcoal grill (with no tasty meal to follow).  I have a sore throat, cough and burning eyes.  I lost  my voice for a few days.  It feels like I have a cold, but I don’t.

Allow me to present you with some visual aids.

View from my patio this morning (20 June 2013)

The same view last year (with me modeling my new knit sweater)

Marina Bay Sands Hotel shot across the bay from the Esplanade Outdoor Theatre– last night 19 June 2013

The same view on a beautiful day last year

At night last November

Singapore’s government has asked Indonesia to “do something” about the smoke.  We’ll see what happens.  Meanwhile, pharmacies island-wide have sold out of face masks.



Don’t Get Rubbed the Wrong Way

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Singapore does not want you to get groped.  Not even a little bit.  The groper will get in BIG trouble, but it’s probably still your fault anyway for being SO irresistible.

The Singapore Police Force has an new awesome series of public service announcements warning about pickpocketing, home invasion and my favorite crime “Outrage of Modesty.”

It would be your own fault if you did

It would be your own fault if you did

See more posts about Outrage of Modesty here.

A gag version


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I’ve written a couple of posts before showing the public service campaign to reduce unwanted touching here in Singapore.  “Outrage of Modesty” is a crime (with hefty punishments) that covers any kind of unwanted advances: hugging without permission, verbal assault from a stranger, groping on the train, street or even in a nightclub.

As I’ve said before, I don’t want to be groped by a stranger, nor do I want other people to be made to feel uncomfortable, but this campaign makes the whole thing seem ridiculous.

Post 1- A Lifetime of Regret

Post 2- Stickman and the Ghetto Booty

And here are the latest round of photos.  Gloriously displayed on an elevator in a housing block.

Sambal Goreng

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A while back, I was getting a late-night dinner at my local hawkers’ market and I saw a picture on the menu at the Indonesian stall.  The dish clearly was mainly compromised of tofu and looked really spicy.  I couldn’t order it from the stall because the sauce contained shrimp and I am a vegetarian.

So my boyfriend and I decided to make our own version using a vegetarian version of the sauce.  We got our ingredients from the wet market across the street from my house.  And then set out to make Sambal Goreng.  Here is our recipe.


Fried tofu- cubed

Tempeh– cubed

Long beans- chopped

Garlic- minced

Sambal Sauce (vegetarian)



-Cook rice

-Boil long beans for 3 to 4 minutes

-Put olive oil and garlic in wok, heat oil

-Stir fry long beans and tempeh

-After a few minutes add tofu

-Once veggies and protein are heated, add 3 tablespoons of sambal sauce and a little water

-Stir until thoroughly mixed


-Put sambal over rice, eat and enjoy!

Here is a photo of our finish product, ready for eating.