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Empire State of Mind

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The flight was very long

In mid-December 2010, it was time for me to take a three-week trip back to the USA for the holidays.  My first stop was good ol’ NYC to see my friends and enjoy the city’s unique energy.

Having never traveled half-way across the planet all in one go before, I was not prepared for the staggering jet-lag.  On my first night, my former roommate Nicole invited a friend over for a dinner party.  I remember sitting on the couch and chatting while Nicole cooked and then the next thing I remember is waking up on the couch- still seated in the exact same position at 2am.  Apparently, I simply passed out mid-conversation and missed the entire dinner.  I guess I’m lucky they didn’t put my hand in warm water or cover my face in shaving cream!

Good morning sofa!

After shaving my head in a hari krishna hair style in India, I needed to embrace the craziness.  So I bought some hair dye and headed over to Queens to see my friend Keiko.  She helped me dye my tuft bright blue.

She even gave me matching earrings!

My trip was so quick, luckily I had a chance to see a bunch of friends and also catch some beautiful sites in the city.

Lincoln Center

Dali exhibit at Time Warner Building

Pretty sky downtown

Flying cows (part of the Flying Animals installation by Caitlin Hurd)

Grace Church at night

And I’ll leave you with a quote that is not technically from a fortune cookie but should be.

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Weekly Travel Theme: Light

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Another version of Where’s My Backpack‘s Weekly Travel ThemesLIGHT.  I could not resist such an awesome theme.

Boston, USA


Paris, France



Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei


Hangzhou, China


Larnaka, Cyprus

Amsterdam, Netherlands


Kathmandu, Nepal

Weekly Travel Themes: Benches

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I have to say thank you to my friend Luc, who prompted me to write a new blog post.  It’s been ages and I have no good excuse other than laziness.  So merci, Luc!  No more laziness for me!

Anyway, I’ll offer another segment of Weekly Travel Theme and this week it’s Benches. I am particularly inspired by this theme because my favorite way to see a new city is to walk.  I often set off with no direction and just wander and watch.  Benches provide a wonderful resting point during my travels.  I’ve sat upon some beautiful benches in beautiful spots.

Get on the bench. The banana bench. Prague, Czech Republic.

Even Rubber Ducky needs a rest in Dublin, Ireland.

A very welcoming bench in the port of Kusadasi, Turkey.

Aya and Sita save a spot for me at Lou Lim Ieoc Park in Macau.

This bench tells it like it is in Naples, Italy.

Dragon bench in Bruges, Belgium.

Don’t mind if I do in Singapore. (I think this is the ONLY graffitied bench in all of Singapore)

Dali’s lip bench in Berlin, Germany.

Comfortable? In Hangzhou, China.

A Gaudi-esque mosaic bench at Grant’s Tomb in NYC.

The real deal in Barcelona, Spain.

and lastly…

Not exactly a bench…but freaking cool. Marshall poses with “Blue Guy Sitting”*

* part of “The Art of the Brick” exhibit by Nathan Sawaya at the ArtScience Museum in Singapore.

Happy New Year

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Happy (belated) 2010!  And Happy Lunar New Year (Year of the Tiger)

<click for a cool article>

I spent the evening of 31 December 2009 with my friend BMo at a party on the Upper West Side.  The apartment had a big balcony with a great view of Central Park (and the fireworks!)  The hosts also had a Wii!  (Believe it or not, I am good at Wii sword fighting)

Party People

Me and BMo

Missed it by THAT much . . .

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New York Pride Parade 2007

New York Pride Parade 2007

I love GayPride Parades. Love!  Where else can you see so many rainbows and fabulously dressed fairies?  I have attended the New York Pride Parade twice (I know, only twice) and have been apparently following European Prides across the continent.  But always missing by just THAT much.

New York Pride Parade 2004

New York Pride Parade 2004

Here is a list of some of the cities that I have visited so far and the narrowly missed Pride Parade.

July 4 (I arrived July 5)

June 28 (I arrived June 30)

June 27 (I left on June 24)

June 27 (I left on June 27, really missed it by a few hours!)

Aug 1 (I arrived on Aug 6)

Luckily, I dig manage to catch the very last night of Orgullo celebrations in Madrid.   There were lots of people out and several stages with various drag shows or techno music.  Not quite a parade, but definitely a gay old time.



Snowy Central Park

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Today it was 27 degress here in NYC.  My high school friends Sara and Nick are visiting from the DC area.  We were originally planning to go to Ellis Island and see the Statue of Liberty on the way.  However, it is freezing-reezing!  So instead we frolicked briefly in Central Park.

I am a Unicorn

I am a Unicorn

Sara is a Devil

Sara is a Devil

Snowy Trees

Snowy Trees





Chilly Trees

Chilly Trees

Robotos in the Snow

Robotos in the Snow

After frolicking, we ate dinner at the Uptown Juice Bar, one of my favorite vegetarian restaurants.  It was cold outside and we were very glad to take a break indoors with some warm food.  Then we trudged back to my place to a yummy bottle of wine and watch movies.  Luckily, our heat works very well and we are managing to stay warm despite the frigid cold outdoors.

In case you are wondering, last night we had dinner at the Film Center Cafe, which was also tasty.  Tomorrow they will come to see my show at Blue Man Group before heading back to the slightly warmer than freezing DC area.