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Henry’s Octopus Cousin Amigurumi

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A few month’s back, I published a free crochet pattern called Henry the Hexapus (must scroll down aft following link).  Since then I’ve made several improvements on the design and created Henry’s Cousin- an Octopus Amigurumi.

The pattern is available (for FREE) at my ravelry store.  Please enjoy.

The pattern is written in US crochet terminology and is fully customizable to any size, any yarn and any numbers of legs you want your creature to have.

A 6-legged hexapus version

A view from the bottom side- a convenient hole


Two New Designs

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I’ve recently started publishing my crochet and knit patterns on  And I have two new patterns available.

Feeling Lucky?

I created this pattern in order to make a pair of Fuzzy Dice for my friend, Gemma.  She has a new apartment and has decorated it with lots of hot pink!  When I visited her for a house-warming party, I felt inspired to knit her some retro dice.

Fuzzy Dice for Gemma

She loved them, so I made another pair for a my co-worker for our Secret Santa party.

Smooth as Dice for Hock Hoe

You can find both patterns (for free!) at my Ravelry store here.

Henry the Hexapus

While visiting a friend in NYC earlier this year, she showed me a cute amigurumi octopus named Chutney.  I tried, unsuccessfully to steal him from her by hiding him in my luggage.  When I returned to Singapore, I decided to make my own cute octopus using some scrap yarn that my friend had given me.  My octopus had similar construction to hers except I added my signature “backdoor bumhole” to his underside.  AND…

As I was using scrap yarn, as luck would have it—I ran out of yarn while making the legs and now my octopus is a HEXAPUS.

The first of many Henries I made

I googled the word hexapus and found that there really is one in Blackpool, England.

The Real Henry

Here is a link to the Telegraph article about the original Henry.

Henry’s pattern is available (free) here.

Happy Crafting in the New Year!

As My Friend Aya Would Say, “Interesting.”

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On a recent trip to Hong Kong (affectionately called “Honkers” by those of us in Macau), I saw a few things that gave me pause.

A Vending Machine for Umbrellas

I think this is actually a really good idea.  I have seen these machines at several MTR stations (metro, subway, underground).  Umbrellas are available in a variety of colors and come with their very own slip cover to for protection.  You can even use your Octopus card to buy them, so even if you are short on cash, you still won’t get rained on.  (Side note: an Octopus card is like an Oyster card in London or a SmartPass in Washington, DC.  You buy the card and load it up with credit, then you simply swipe your card to ride the train or bus.)

I don’t fully understand why an umbrella vending machine should strike me as weird.  In NYC, Milano and many other cities that also get a lot of rain, there are no such vending machines.  Instead, when it rains, the street vendors wait just outside the train station, arms laden with cheap umbrellas and sell them to you for $5 a piece.  I think that I fundamentally, I would prefer to give me money to a possibly illegal immigrant peddling his wares on the DL, rather than to a large corporation via an electronic transfer from my little plastic card.  However, I do appreciate that the vending machine is always there in a well-lit area and can’t get driven away when the cops decide to crack down on the illegal vendors on the street.

And now for the more disturbing of the interesting things I saw in Honkers.

Easy Shop Lingerie

I don’t know which is more unsettling, the fact that it is simply a lingerie shop named “Easy” or that it is a lingerie shop called “Easy” with happy little cartoon children on its logo.  I personally have no problem with sexy lingerie shops, be they trashy or classy or on clearance at 70% off.  However, I do wonder what it says about a person to have a label inside her underwear that says “Easy.”