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Henry’s Octopus Cousin Amigurumi

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A few month’s back, I published a free crochet pattern called Henry the Hexapus (must scroll down aft following link).  Since then I’ve made several improvements on the design and created Henry’s Cousin- an Octopus Amigurumi.

The pattern is available (for FREE) at my ravelry store.  Please enjoy.

The pattern is written in US crochet terminology and is fully customizable to any size, any yarn and any numbers of legs you want your creature to have.

A 6-legged hexapus version

A view from the bottom side- a convenient hole


In My Dreams Crocodiles are Made of Rainbows

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Is it a scarf or is it a croc’s tail?

Even though I live on the equator, I still often need to wear a scarf.  The air conditioning on bus, trains and in movie theatres is INTENSE.  I try to carry a scarf with me to use when needed.  The “croc-a-tail” scarf fits easily into my bag and is cuddly warm enough to keep my neck cozy.

I’ve made the pattern available at my ravelry store here.  It includes two variations.

I’m a Designer!!

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So I crochet and knit- A LOT!  I often design my own amigurumi (stuffed animal) critters.  I am usually pretty bad about documenting my process.  But I have finally managed to photograph the process and write down my pattern for one of my favorite designs. It’s a cute little monkey with a secret backdoor opening.

Read more about my design process here. (Lots of fun photos)

Visit my pattern site here. (It requires signing into

Two Headed Sock Monkey

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Isn’t this monkey adorable?  I have been working for most of the month on this little guy.  I made him using leftover yarn from the socks I made for Marshall’s birthday.  I used up a every last scrap of that yarn and even had to rip out some of the legs to make the ears.  He might be my favorite creation yet.

See more photos of him here in my flickr amigurumi set.

Or visit my project page on

I do plan to publish the pattern for him sooner or later.  UPDATE: Pattern available here.